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Want to...

Sleep better

     Relieve Stress

          Increase your energy

               Reduce aches and pains

                    Improve corporate wellbeing... 

Sound Therapy has helped
many people with these issues

Perhaps it can help you too...

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Yoga Studio

Upcoming Events!

I'm pleased to announce I will be running several

Public Sound Baths in the Ottawa area!

December 18th & 19th

January 22nd

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Sound Therapy

Using my voice and instruments, I put sound into the client’s body and work to bring a client to a place of relaxation so that the body, mind and spirit can begin to do their own work of healing. Different clients need different things and every treatment session is unique.


About Me

I enjoy composing choral music and have played the piano and sung in choirs for most of my life. It was through my work as a choral director in England that I encountered the field of sound therapy...

My Treatments

Meditation Class
Image by Conscious Design
Image by Conscious Design

One on One Treatments

Personalised treatment designed with your needs in mind.

These treatments are for specific conditions or for individual wellness and relaxation. They involve completing an intake form together and discussing what you would like out of a treatment. This treatment is geared directly to you and your particular health goals. When given in person in my studio, all items (blankets, pillows, eye pillows, water, and massage table) are provided.

(Please note: In-person and remote options are both available)

Group Sound Treatments 

A great taster to see what Sound Treatments are all about!

Also known as a Sound Bath, since it is an opportunity to be “bathed” in therapeutic sound. These group treatments are open to all and are more general in nature than 1:1 treatments, predominantly geared towards relaxation. They take place in various locations, and involve lying or sitting comfortably for about an hour, surrounded by sound from gongs, ocean drum, chimes and more. Participants bring their own yoga mats/ chairs/ mattresses, pillows, and blankets.

Group Sound Treatments (Private)

A special way to relax

with friends!


Private group sound treatments are similar to public Sound Baths described earlier except that clients themselves organise these. Clients invite their own friends, arrange their own (suitable) location and discuss with me to arrange a mutually agreeable time. Participants bring their own yoga mats/ chairs/ mattresses, pillows, and blankets. Clients are able to have much more input into the choice of instruments in these private Sound Baths.

(Please note: In-person and remote options are both available)

Couples Sound Treatments

A Sound Bath in my studio designed for you and a friend or partner!

Celebrating a special occasion? Want to treat your friend or partner to a wonderfully
relaxing experience? There is space in my studio for two people at a time to receive a
relaxing sound bath. This experience offers the luxury and enjoyment of a private sound
bath at a lower cost. Clients have significant input into the instruments used. Blankets,
pillows, eye pillows and a comfortable mat to lie on are provided.

Corporate event?

Yoga gathering?

Spirituality retreat?

Special gathering with friends?

I am very happy to speak with you about offering group sound baths or individual treatments at other events that you might be planning. 


"I was very ill with Covid-19 when I received a sound healing from Jennifer Bell.  It was done remotely and in this circumstance that was beneficial because  it allowed me the freedom from my own self consciousness.  Jenn talked me through the treatment prior to having it, so I knew what to expect and she was professional and warm throughout.  Jenn’s voice is a profoundly spiritual experience in its own right, but when directed towards you, in a time of need, it was transformative.   I was able to find a sense of peace that was much needed at a pivotal time in my illness.   There was a  moment where Jenn used sounds purposefully and intuitively “for me” that reached me on a level of my conscious and unconscious self that is hard to put into words. She facilitated the release and tensions, both spiritual and physical and I will be forever grateful for her holding, her work and the gift it was for me."

- RB

"The sessions are always extremely relaxing. Jenn has a very calming voice, and in conjunction with a variety of instruments that she uses, it creates a very soothing atmosphere. When she focuses on the breathing, and names various parts of my body, I’m able to feel my breath going to those places. The deep breathing helps as well.  Since I have started working with Jennifer, my blood pressure seems to have stabilized at a good level, as well. I’m really pleased about that!"

- BR

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